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Victor Hugo's work revives

de Marjolijn THIECKE

Article publié en ligne sur le site de : Dutch Finishing Touch [www.dft.lu], le 27 juillet 2005, en collaboration avec: Central on-line information station in English for Luxembourg : www.station.lu

C'est sous ce titre que Madame Marjolijn THIECKE a rendu compte de la présentation du livre 'avoir pour patrie le monde et pour nation l'humanité'. Actualité[s] de Victor Hugo au Ministère de la Culture, de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, le 26 juillet 2005.

In 1862 Victor Hugo, novelist, poet, dramatist and the most important of French Romantic writers was expelled from Belgium for sheltering defeated revolutionaries in Brussels. As a result he had to move one more time as a political refuge and ended up living in the picturesque village of Vianden till 1865!

This year “La Maison de Victor Hugo” commemorates the 70th anniversary of the 1935 opening. The museum is entirely dedicated to Victor Hugo and it’s based in the house where Victor Hugo lived. “Les Amis de la Maison de Victor Hugo”, the association in charge of the museum, was founded in 1937 and currently has 128 members.

Professor Frank Wilhelm* is one of Victor Hugo’s great admirers and organized a colloquium that took place in Vianden and Luxembourg from 8 till 11 November 2002. It was a great honor for Professor Wilhelm to present to Minister Biltgen** a book called «Avoir pour patrie le monde et pour nation l'humanité. Actualité[s] de Victor Hugo». All discussions have been put together in a beautiful edition by Paris based publisher “Maisonneuve & Larose” and the book is an absolute must for Victor Hugo fans.

Minister Biltgen was extremely proud and enthusiastic about the subsidized project and reckoned that the book will be a beautiful present from Luxembourg for him to take along abroad on his cultural missions. Being a passionate reader himself he could not resist starting to have a glance at the book and showed his zest by reading out loud a few excerpts.

It is obvious that Victor Hugo’s thoughts are still easily adaptable to today’s actualities. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Les Misérables” are as popular as ever with musicals and even Walt Disney films made of it and Victor Hugo discusses various topics such as Love, Education, Danger, History, Freedom and the Human Rights.

In our hectic live one might no longer have the time to read a literary work but the great thing about this particular book is that it is something you can occasionally read and review other people’s thoughts on Victor Hugo’s outstanding work.

For those that are really not up to spending time on literature one can at least bluff over a meal with friends by recalling one of his most famous quotes:

"It is from books that wise people derive consolation in the troubles of life!"

Notes de bas de page

* Professor Frank Wilhelm teaches at the University of Luxembourg on the Campus Limbertsberg. He specializes in Studies and Research of the French language. Professor Wilhelm is also the external scientist collaborator of the National Center of literature. He’s also in charge of the Museum.
** Minister of Labour and Employment, Minister for Culture, Higher Education and Research and Minister for Religious Communities.


WILHELM, Frank (éditeur scientifique), 'avoir pour patrie le monde et pour nation l'humanité'. Actualité[s] de Victor Hugo (Paris, Maisonneuve & Larose, 2004. 422 pp. 15,6 x 24 cm. 18 contributions. Illustrations en partie inédites. En vente dans la boutique de la Maison de Victor Hugo à Vianden et dans les librairies. 32 €.


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